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How to get Website Ranking

And can text, of course, they appear on your site so that people want to read what I have written, and ignore the search engines?
Here is a step by step, so that you can find keywords in the content of the site easily, so that search engines can understand what is written, so it is easy to read the reader.
Step 1. the individual words you know want to use
Use one of the many search engines on the main level of the decision and the words and phrases are relevant to the topic you want to write.
Step 2. Write your content

And of course, the key words in the article contents of the site are best by the weight of the contents of the letter is. Even if you have information content, and the writing can be useful to think about where the use of keywords.

Add keywords

If you have produced a project useful and easy to play the content, you need to enter keywords that are search engines. Ideally want, you can put the word or phrase in the title of your content and in the first sentence. He said in the first sentence of the last paragraph. Throughout the text, use the keyword 1 or 2 times 100 or 150 words. Be sure to put your keywords, it does not come at the expense of readability.

 Check keyword density

Hoow to get Website Ranking

Keyword density is the number of times the word or phrase appears in the content. There are many observers keyword density on the Internet for free. For the most part, and is calculated from the density of keywords in 100 words. Keyword density of 10% means that the word is used 10 times in 100 words. This percentage is very high, and read interesting content of ridicule to a large extent. When a keyword is the frequency of 2% or less, which made the content for people to read more easily organize for search engine pages, in fact, simply

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